What do we do?

Commissioned by insurers, insurance brokers and intermediaries, BosBoon Expertise performs loss adjustment work. Due to a wide range of disciplines, BosBoon Expertise is versatile and flexible.

The expertise of our loss adjusters can be used for various types of policies. In addition, for a number of regular clients, BosBoon SchadeService conducts loss adjustment activities in situations in which the client itself is the risk bearer and there are therefore no insured interests. In many cases, this concerns events that do not exceed the excess on the insurance policy.

Expertise also has a large network of external specialists, who can be deployed as expert parties.


The BosBoon Expertise loss adjusters are equipped with the very latest tools to support their everyday activities. Furthermore, in their everyday work, our loss adjusters are supported by professional office-based staff.

Expertise is a member of the NIVRE (Dutch Association of Loss Adjusters). As well as internal training by means of knowledge transfer, the loss adjusters regularly follow practical training courses in order to ensure the latest knowledge is at the required level. Knowledge that is used in practical situations during the investigational phase of complex losses. The individual loss adjusters are, of course, listed in the NIVRE register. The junior loss adjusters follow the mainstream training provided by the NIVRE.


Rules of conduct for the Dutch Association of Loss Adjusters (NIVRE)