Our objective

The main objective of BosBoon Expertise is to optimise the services it provides. We achieve this by having a flat organisation with short lines of communication and highly trained loss adjusters. Loss adjusters who, supported by professional office-based staff, are proactive.

In addition to the loss adjusters’ expertise and the professional organisation, the personal contact with our clients is of vital importance. Through periodic discussions with our clients and the flexibility of our automation, we are able to fulfil all of our clients’ specific requirements.

Through ongoing innovations and investments in the quality of the organisation, BosBoon 
Expertise has laid a solid foundation for lasting partnerships with its clients. Past experiences have shown that the very first assignment is often the start of a long-term relationship.


Service forms the basis of the rationale behind BosBoon Expertise. For the benefit of our clients, we create a maximum level of transparency, to ensure that the service we provide is measurable and transparent.