BosBoon Expertise focuses on remote inspection and expertise

Bosboon Expertise

Bosboon Expertise is an objective and independent expertise agency in the field of cargo, shipping and technology, personal injury, monitoring construction and infrastructure, workplace fires, liability and technical Varia, sales and recovery, recourse and damage treatment. Our work area is both national and international.

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Who we are

BosBoon Expertise has offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam and has an international network for international affairs. In addition to our actuarial knowledge, our experts have gained extensive experience in their own specific field of work. In short, experienced experts from the daily practice from the business community.

Why BosBoon?

Over 20 years experience

Knowledge of sectors where risks arise combined with extensive expertise experience makes the experts at BosBoon Expertise more than suitable to assess your claims responsibly.

National and International

The experts of BosBoon Expertise are nationally and internationally employable. For the Netherlands, we have a nationwide coverage of experts, which makes the use of the experts as efficient as possible. The international network of BosBoon Expertise contributes to the smooth and adequate handling of your international expertises.

Knowledgeable experts

The experts at BosBoon Expertise are excellently trained and have ample experience to keep themselves professional in any situation that arises in this expertise profession. BosBoon Expertise is an active member of the Chamber of NIVRE. Within BosBoon Expertise, experts are individual members of NIVRE and play an active role within NIVRE.

Professional inside staff

BosBoon Expertise attaches great importance to a professional inside staff service. The employees of our office know what our clients need and they are professionally speaking. They ensure that your questions come to the right expert.

24/7 available!

Unforeseen situations cannot be prevented in regular office hours. We know this as experts like no other. If you call us outside office hours, you will always receive one of the board members on the phone and no call center or telephone reception. This contributes to a smooth and adequate follow-up of your request for expertise; 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Flexible platform

We have a team of flexible experts who work exclusively for BosBoon Expertise in the field of expertise. By using the experts in this flexible platform, we are perfectly able to achieve the desired quality in process speed even at peak loads. In addition, these specialist experts/technical consultants each bring their own specific knowledge, so that we can carry out all sorts of expertises.