BosBoon Expertise introduces remote inspection and loss assessment

BosBoon Expertise

BosBoon Expertise is an objective and independent loss assessment agency specialising in Goods in Transit, Shipping and Technology, Personal Injury, Building and Infrastructure Monitoring, Property, Liability, and Miscellaneous Technical, Sales and Recovery, Recourse and Loss Handling. We work throughout the Netherlands and internationally.

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Who we are

BosBoon Expertise has offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam, and a worldwide network for international cases. In addition to their knowledge of the insurance field, our loss adjusters have wide experience in their specific areas. They are experienced experts with practical knowledge of business and commercial life.

Why BosBoon?

More than 20 years' experience

Knowledge of the sectors where the risks arise, in combination with wide assessment experience, make the loss adjusters at BosBoon Expertise more than qualified to provide a responsible assessment of your claims.

National and International

The loss adjusters of BosBoon Expertise are ready to help you anywhere in the Netherlands and abroad. We have a full complement of loss adjusters throughout the Netherlands, which makes our service extremely efficient. The international network of BosBoon Expertise will provide a smooth and professional handling of your international claims.

Expert loss adjusters

The experts at BosBoon Expertisehave the education and wide experience to provide professional service in any situation that arises in their assessment area. BosBoon Expertise is an active member of the council of the NIVRE (Netherlands Institute of Registered Loss Adjusters). BosBoon Expertise ’s loss adjusters are all members of the NIVRE and take an active part in this professional organisation.

Professional Back Office

BosBoon Expertise considers it vital to have a professional back office. Our back-office employees know what our clients need and are ready to provide professional service. They will make sure your questions get to the right loss adjuster.

Available 24/7!

Unforeseen situations aren’t bound by regular office hours. We, as loss adjusters, know that better than anyone. If you call us after hours, you will always get one of the directors on the telephone, not a call centre or telephone answering service. This way, your request for loss assessment is handled smoothly and efficiently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flexible Workforce

We rely on a flexible workforce of loss adjusters who work exclusively for BosBoon Expertise in a loss assessment capacity. These flexible colleagues enable us to provide quality service and speed even at times of peak capacity. They are specialist loss adjusters/technical consultants who also bring their own specific knowledge, enabling us to assess a variety of different loss and damage situations.