BosBoon Expertise focuses on remote inspection and expertise

Press release BosBoon Expertise
April 2, 2020

During the coronacrisis, remote inspection and expertise is an excellent add-on. BosBoon Expertise offers a digital solution in addition to — wherever possible — physical recordings and expertises. Useful during these times and an efficient and customer-oriented addition for the future.

With remote expertise, digital options are combined with the expert’s personal approach. Through video calls we can contact involved parties and also arrange meetings. The expert and the person on-site can communicate directly through video calls. During the digital recording, the person on-site, in consultation with the expert, shows the requested images via mobile phone and the expert takes the photos from his PC or laptop that he needs to complete his assignment. The tool is GDPR-proof because the person on-site is asked permission via the tool for taking photos and videos. If no permission is granted, recordings cannot be made by the expert behind the PC or laptop. The person can also disconnect at any time on-site.

“We tested this extensively and achieved excellent results. Not just our experts, but also policyholders and other parties relayed positive feedback. During this coronacrisis, this method can be used for all BosBoon services. Expertise: Transport Goods, Shipping and Technology, Personal injury, Fire (RVJ BosBoon) and Liability and Technical miscellaneous.”

– Mathy Boon, director of BosBoon Expertise.

For any inquiries:

Mathy Boon (040-3046321)