Bosboon Expertise joins forces with RVJ expertises

January 2018


Bosboon Expertise Group, with offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Heerenveen, will expand its services package with the field “Brand/Property”, which is realised by means of a joint venture with rvj ExpertiseS & valuations in Amsterdam.


This expansion takes place from the ambition of both companies to be able to serve their clients for expertise in all disciplines. The two offices in Amsterdam will be merged in the short term.


“Of course, in the provincial area, but in the Co-insurance market in the future, in the BosBoon expertise Group” brand/property “expertise assignments can be handled”, Chairman Mathy Boon speaks enthusiastically.


Director Pieter-Paul Verhorst of RVJ complements him: “We look forward to being able to use our services, both nationally and internationally, even wider and more efficiently. The continuity and the high level of service are also guaranteed for the future. “


From 8 January 2018, the “Brand/property” Expertises are carried out under the name “rvj-bosboon Expertisefrom the Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Heerenveen locations.


Questions following this press release:


Mathy Boon: 06-51547671,
Pieter-Paul verhorst: 06-53156509,


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