The Netherlands has traditionally lived off of international trade and plays a major role in the world’s economy. The position of the Netherlands is unique in the world. The geographical location and the excellent distribution possibilities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam harbor and Schiphol) have led us to be an international distribution country with very large sea, air and road transport logistics.

The experts of BosBoon Expertise are active in the field of transport/cargo/goods insurance and logistical liability insurances of both land and maritime companies and storage and transhipment businesses. Our experts also act on behalf of shippers, goods traders, etc.

Our specific expertise is present on cacao and cacao based products.

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BosBoon Expertise has offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam and has an international network for international affairs. In addition to the actuarial knowledge, our experts have gained extensive experience in their own specific field of work. In short, experienced experts from the daily practice of the business community.

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