Complaints procedure BosBoon Expertise Group B.V.

We strive to meet our customers ‘ expectations and exceed them where possible with our products and services.

Are you satisfied?
Then we would love to hear from you. But we are also ready for you if you feel that it can be done better. Let us know! And of course we also like to hear your compliments. Submit your comment

Are you dissatisfied?
If you are not satisfied with our products or services, you can file a complaint with us. We listen to you and would like to find a suitable solution together with you.

In This complaint system, you can read what we mean by a complaint, how to file a complaint and what we do with it. This complaint system relates exclusively to the products and services of BosBoon Expertise Group B.V. and its affiliated companies.

What do we mean by a complaint?
Under a complaint, we understand every demonstration of dissatisfaction with our employees, products or services.

By whom is your complaint handled with us?
All complaints are handled by the management. If it is a dossier-related complaint, the management also involves the specialist in the handling of the complaint.

How do you submit a complaint?
You can submit your complaint in three ways.

1. Online -Via Our website under the item complaints form

2. By letter -These can be addressed to:

BosBoon Expertise Group B.V.
P.O. Box 1231

3. By phone 040 2647333

What data do we need from you?
To be able to handle your complaint properly, we need some information from you. Please indicate this information on the complaint form or in your letter.
Do you call us? Then it is useful if you have this information at hand.

• Your name, address and telephone number on which you can be contacted during the day;
• Your policy or dossier number;
• A description of your complaint;
• Your capacity: Insurer, broker, intermediary, insured or claimant;
• Our file number;
• Any attachments to underpin your complaint.

What do we do with your complaint?
After we have received your complaint, we will send you a written acknowledgement of receipt. We strive to first contact you by telephone about the content and the handling of the complaint.

Within six working days from the receipt of your complaint, we will send you a written response. If we receive your complaint on the weekend or on a public holiday, then the term begins the first working day thereafter. In Our response, you can read whether your complaint has been assigned or rejected and why. If your complaint has been assigned, you will also read how we have resolved the complaint or resolve it. If your complaint has been rejected, you will receive information about what you can do further. We record your complaint and the settlement thereof.

As you can expect from a professional expertise agency, we always apply adversarial. If the complaint relates to one of our employees, we discuss the complaint with the co-work (ST) there.

If we can adapt our products or services as a result of your complaint, we will do so and inform you.

Do you remain dissatisfied?
Do we reject your complaint and are you dissatisfied? Then you can file a complaint with the NIVRE. That is the Nederlans Institute of Registry experts. For more information, please refer to the NIVRE website:

If you do not wish to use the NIVRE complaints system or do not agree with the outcome of our complaint handling, you can also go to the competent court.

Complaints reporting
Every year we draw up a complaints report. On request it is visible.