Leon Aelmans (bosboon Expertise) on special ‘ marriage ‘ technique and injuries

December 2018

Injury victims should be even more central to the damage scheme

At the start in 2014, many eyebrow has been frowned and also in the years after it is regularly looked at the combination. What should a (mainly) technical expertise agency as a Forest Bean Expertise With a personal injury department? Leon Aelmans, damage expert, specialist in injury and partner, understands that thought in itself, but also insists that the practice of everyday life indicates that this ‘ combi ‘ is less special than Menino thinks.

“In any case, it is a ‘ marriage ‘ that is profitable. We now already work with four injury professionals, while we currently have a vacancy for number five. And that’s what two more injuries professionals are expected to do in the next two years. In addition, BosBoon is Expertise Long time no more CAR/technical oriented. Liability, Marine/transport, Property/Machine breakage and Claim Services (BosBoon schadeservice) are in addition to injury important areas of interest of BosBoon Expertise. “

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