What do we do?

On behalf of insurers, insurance brokers and intermediaries, BosBoon Expertise carries out expertise work. A selection of professional disciplines makes BosBoon Expertise versatile and flexible.

The expertise of our experts is applicable to various types of policies. In addition, BosBoon SchadeService carries out services for a number of recurring clients, expertise works in situations where the client is a risk-bearer and no insured interests are present. In many cases, it is about cases that do not exceed the excess of an insurance policy.

Furthermore, BosBoon Expertise has a large network of external experts who are employable and assorted.

The experts of BosBoon Expertise carry the most modern equipment to support the daily work. In addition, our experts are supported by a professional office in their daily work.

BosBoon Expertise is a member of the NIVRE. In addition to internal training through knowledge transfer, the experts regularly follow specialized courses to keep up with current knowledge. Knowledge that is used in practice in the research phase of complex damage cases. Of course, the individual experts are enrolled in the NIVRE register. The junior experts go through the regular training of the NIVRE.

Rules of conduct for Registry experts (NIVRE)

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BosBoon Expertise has offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Heerenveen and has an international network for international affairs. In addition to the actuarial knowledge, our experts have gained extensive experience in their own specific field of work. In short, experienced experts from the daily practice of the business community.

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