Personal Injury

The Personal Injury department consists of loss adjusters who guide the process of loss due to personal injury or death. People get injured in various incidents, such as traffic accidents, accidents at work and in personal life, mistakes made during a medical procedure or by the use of defective products.

The Personal Injury loss adjusters of BosBoon Expertise have wide experience within their professional field. They are well able to guide the process after an accident and advise the parties involved on the amount of the loss compensation. In addition to experience, our personal injury loss adjusters have empathy and pragmatism, enabling them to anticipate the emotions and tensions that often accompany personal injury claims.

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BosBoon Expertise has offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam and has an international network for international affairs. In addition to the actuarial knowledge, our experts have gained extensive experience in their own specific field of work. In short, experienced experts from the daily practice of the business community.

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