Rules of conduct for register experts, prepared by the Stichting Nederlands Instituut Van Register-Experts (NIVRE).

These rules of conduct have been formulated and adopted in the form of general and open standards.

Open standards which are assessed by the Register Experts themselves, the board and, if necessary, the complaints and Disputes Committee and the Committees of appeal, to the general betaminess, to the unwritten rules relating to the conduct and Professional Practice of register Experts and of such written rules established by those specific professional associations in the field of the claims experts insofar as the Register Expert and/or his employer is a member of it.

Summary of rules of conduct:

  1. The register Expert must behave in the exercise of his profession as a careful expert is befitting. He is always objectively and is only guided by the interests of the parties concerned and not by any self-interest.
  2. The registry Expert should refrain from providing or (doing) any factual data that he knows or ought to know to be inaccurate.
  3. The register Expert must adhere to the statutes of the NIVRE and all regulations based on these stauten and to the statutes and Registers of the other professional organisations of which he is a member and he always realizes his Position of trust and its integrity.
  4. A register Expert may notify the science obtained during the performance of a contract only to third parties after obtaining permission from his client.
  5. A register Expert must ensure that he is in a position, or is being used, in which he is confronted with entanglement of and/or opposing interests.

What does this mean in practice?
After the expert has received his order from the insurer, he or his secretary will contact you (the policyholder) to make an appointment to visit the damage address in many cases.
On the spot the expert will give an impression of the local conditions.
In a personal conversation with you, (policyholder) He will gather facts around the right dates, the cause, the circumstances shortly before and after the incident, the damaged cases etc… He will make arrangements with you as an interested party regarding the recovery and/or replacement of business.

Your role is a major one!
We are very attentive to the fact that you can make an important contribution to the speed of the settlement of your claim by handing as much relevant information about recovery or replacement to the expert. You can think of original purchase notes, warranty proofs, serial numbers, instructions for use, photos, a quote, etc.

Of course, you help the expert with a clear overview of those things that have been damaged, destroyed, stolen and worthless and/or have become less valuable.

The data you have provided will verify and/or assess the expert in all reality as well as possible in relation to the policy conditions.

In many situations it occurs that the expert, based on his expertise and experience, determines the amount of damages directly in consultation with you, without the intervention of different suppliers etc…

An agreement on the amount of (gross) damages will be recorded in writing, depending on the agreements made with your insurer. The expert will also give a ruling on the amount of your insured sum (men).

The facts are summed up in an expertise report that is sent to your insurer.

Claim handling
A new evolving trend has now been set up.
In some cases the expert will, provided he is authorized by the insurer to do so, determine the net damage amount tobe transferred or when special agreements have been made even proceed to the proxy of the insurer to turn off the (net) Damage amount.